History of Parliament Annual Reports

The History of Parliament Trust’s Review of the Year 2021-22 is now available here. The review summarises the activities of the Trust over the year from April 2021 to March 2022, including brief sketches of some of the biographies and constituency articles completed during that time and a description of our engagement activities. It also includes for the first time a summary of the academic and cultural value of the Trust’s work.

Also available is the History’s annual plan, which was approved by Trustees in July. This document lays out the Trust’s plans for its activities over the next year and the period afterwards, and provides a snapshot of progress in all of our projects and our targets for the future.

Last year’s (2020-21) Annual Review is also available here, along with our Annual Report and Accounts for that year. You can see the Annual Reports and Accounts for 2019-20, and 2018-19 too. Our Annual Report and Accounts for 2021-22 will also be posted here once they are completed. Previous documents are posted on our main website, and we will resume publication of our Annual Review and Reports and Accounts there on completion of the current rebuild of the site.

Photograph of Lord Norton and Sir Lindsay Hoyle presenting the History of Parliament House of Commons 1422-1461 book.
History of Parliament Chair of Trustees Lord Norton with House of Commons Speaker Sir Lindsay Hoyle, MP, taken at the launch of the History of Parliament House of Commons 1422-1461 launch event.

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