Politics before Democracy Conference

Call for Papers, deadline – 17 February 2023

The History of Parliament and the School of History, University of East Anglia, would like to invite proposals for papers for ‘Politics Before Democracy: Britain and its world, c.1750-1914’. This two-day conference, hosted at UEA on 19-20 April 2023, will bring together established academics, early career researchers and postgraduate students working in the field of British political history.

A satrical print. To the left of the print is St. Stephens' mill with a wheel on the side of it. It represents the House of Commons as a great stone building in decay supported on posts formed of dismantled cannon. Out of the window is a chute which is pouring out money, both coins and notes, into a large pink container with the words 'public money' written on it. There are men crowded around the container filling their pockets with money. There are speech bubbles however the words cannot be easily made out. The caption: The "system" that "works so well"! Or the Boroughmongers Grinding Machine.
The “system” that “works so well”!! – or the boroughmongers grinding machine.
By George Cruikshank 1831
(c) British Museum
A print of a man dressed all in black with a top hat walking away from a crowd of people. He is stood next to a sign that says 'Foreign Affairs very dangerous' and it surrounded by ladders on the floor in a square shape around him.

Confirmed speakers include: Professor Elaine ChalusProfessor Richard HuzzeyDr Henry MillerProfessor Thomas OtteDr Philip SalmonProfessor Sarah Richardson and Dr Kathryn Rix.

We welcome proposals for 20-minute papers on any aspect of British political history, c.1750-1914. Papers might explore (but need not be confined to) the following areas: British domestic politics; foreign policy; elections and electoral politics; gender and politics; political culture; imperial policy; economic policy.

Please send a proposal of approx. 250 words to: Dr Jennifer Davey (Jennifer.Davey@uea.ac.uk) or Dr Geoff Hicks (G.Hicks@uea.ac.uk) by Friday 17 February 2023.

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