Election 2017: Interrupting by-elections

On the day that the Manchester Gorton by-election was due to take place, Dr Kathryn Rix of our Victorian Commons project looks at by-elections that never were, and MPs returned at by-elections who almost immediately faced a general election contest… Alongside the local government elections taking place across the country today, there should also have been a by-election to choose a successor to Sir Gerald … Continue reading Election 2017: Interrupting by-elections

Electioneering in Sheffield Brightside… in 1897

Today voters across the country go to the polls. In Sheffield Brightside and Hillsborough, electors will choose their new MP after the death of Harry Harpham in February. Dr Kathryn Rix, of the Victorian Commons, discusses the Sheffield Brightside by-election of 1897 and the electoral culture of the late Victorian and early Edwardian period… With numerous election contests taking place around the country today – … Continue reading Electioneering in Sheffield Brightside… in 1897

Defection, by-elections and Europe…in the 1970s.

In tomorrow’s by-election in Clacton, former Conservative MP Douglas Carswell will contest his previous seat after defection to UKIP. Carswell’s strong difference of opinion with his party over the issue of Europe has echoes of a different by-election – Lincoln in 1973 – but the parties and positions were reversed. When Britain was applying to join the then European Economic Community (EEC) in the 1960s … Continue reading Defection, by-elections and Europe…in the 1970s.