Unlikely Parliamentarians 5: Civil War religious radical

This week is Parliament Week, a programme of events and activities that connects people across the UK with Parliament and democracy. To mark it, every day this week we are publishing a blog on ‘unlikely parliamentarians’  – the men and women across history who became parliamentarians only unexpectedly. Our final blog in the series is from Dr Stephen Roberts, editor of the Commons 1640-60 section. … Continue reading Unlikely Parliamentarians 5: Civil War religious radical

Thomson ‘with the wooden leg’

It’s Disability History Month, and in honour of this year’s theme, ‘War and Impairment: The Social Consequences of Disablement’, Dr Vivienne Larminie, Senior Research Fellow of the Commons 1640-60 section, looks at the life of Col. George Thomson who lost a leg at the battle of Cheriton… Over the centuries, military veterans will have been a familiar sight at Westminster, especially in the aftermath of … Continue reading Thomson ‘with the wooden leg’