The History of Parliament Trust is on YouTube

Coming up in 2020 the History of Parliament Trust has exciting plans for the expansion of our online resources, the first of which is our new YouTube channel

Throughout 2019 at the History of Parliament our Public Engagement Team and the House of Commons 1832-68 project (@TheVictCommons) worked with the Citizens Project at Royal Holloway on a number of their public history projects. These included their free online course Peterloo to the Pankhursts: Radicalism and Reform in the 19th Century, which will be running again later in 2020 – click here for further details. We co-produced a number of videos which are now available on YouTube. For teachers, they are perfect introductory videos to use in the classroom.

Our nineteenth-century radicalism and reform playlist has biographical videos about key figures such as William Pitt the Younger…

 … and Lord John Russell, in which you can learn about their particular stance on electoral reform as well as their key contributions to debates and legislation.

Forthcoming videos in the series will feature the man famous for repealing the Corn Laws and establishing the police force, Sir Robert Peel; the Radical politician and staunch opponent of the Corn Laws, John Bright; and political adversaries who both achieved the office of Prime Minister, Benjamin Disraeli and William Gladstone.

So far, this playlist also contains videos about Chartism and the Peterloo Massacre.

We’re also looking forward to producing content about prominent MPs from throughout parliamentary history, from the medieval to the modern, as well as other key events and anniversaries.

We want to hear from you too!

Teachers, what would be useful in the classroom or for revision?

History enthusiasts, is there a particular parliamentary procedure or piece of legislation that you would like us to demystify?

Students, what would you like to know about researching and writing parliamentary history and biography?

Drop us a line on Facebook or Twitter with thoughts and suggestions.


For more resources from the History of Parliament Trust head over to the website. You’ll find all of our published work relating to the House of Commons (House of Lords 1660-1715 is currently available in print only), information about our Oral History Project, and KS3 teaching materials about the Reformation, 19th century political reform, and 1930s international politics.

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